Bharatiya Stree Shakti Is organising a National Seminar on

‘Efficacy of Laws pertaining to Property and Marital Rights in Different Religions in India’

In association with
Prin. L. N. Welingkar
Institute of Management Development and Research, Matunga CR, Matunga on

Sat 18th. March 2017
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Bharatiya Stree Shakti is a national voluntary women’s organization working for empowerment of women since 1988. While resolving women’s issues, we believe that all women should get equal justice irrespective of their religions.

Concept: About the Conference:

India has evolved from various ancient laws and legal systems into a unified legal system under the British Colonial rule. The britishers codified various laws and implemented a single common judicial system throughout India.

This seminar will study Judicial approach in ensuring that any arbitrariness in law is removed during its interpretation especially when applying their personal laws.

There will also be a concerted effort to study the strengths and weaknesses and to extract the best from each law and to suggest required changes. The most evident diversity is visible in the application of property and Marital laws to different religions co-existing in India.

The stress of this seminar however will be to study the efficacy of these laws with reference to women of all religions living in India.

National President, Bharatiya Stree Shakti

Dr. Prachi Moghe
Convenor, National Seminar on Women and Laws

Ragini Chandratre
Co-ordinator, National Seminar on Women and Laws

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Address: Bharatiya Stree Shakti
1st. Floor, Vakola Welfare Center, Near Sai Mandir, Kadamwadi, Santacruz (E),Mumbai- 400098. Tel. No. +91-022-26654041 ,

Program Schedule :

9.30 am to 10.15 am
Session 1
Inauguration, Welcome and Key Note address

10.15 am to 12.15 am
Session 2
* Hindu Laws for women with respect to Property and Marriage

12.15 to 1pm

1 to 2.30 pm
Session 3
Mohammedan laws for women with respect to Property and Marriage

2.30 to 2.45
TEA Break

2.45 to 3.45 pm
Session 4
Christian, Parsi and Minority Laws for women with respect to Property and Marriage

3.45 to 4.45 pm
Session 5
Paper presentation + Deliberation

4.45 to 5.15pm
Session 6
Conclusion & Vote of Thanks

5.15 to 5.45pm
Distribution of Certificate of participation.

Speakers and moderators for this seminar are among the respected and experienced group of lawyers and judges presently very active in their own area of expertise.

Advisory Committee:

• Adv. Meeratai Khadakkar
(Retired Principal Judge, Family Court)

• Dr. N. Rajadhyaksh
(PhD. Law) , Principal, New Law College

• Prof. Vaishali Gurav
(In-charge Principal, Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law.)

• Adv. Ram Apte
(High Court)

• Adv. Jai Vaidya
(Family Court and High Court)

• Dr. Pratima Sharma
(PhD- Law)


“Efficacy of Laws pertaining to Property and Marital Rights in Different Religions in India”
(Bharatiya  Stree  Shaki  is organising National Consultative seminar on Saturday, 18 March 17 during  9.30 am to 6 pm  at Welingkar Institute  of management, Matunga  East, Mumbai)

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